Information and documentation center for contact allergies For many years, the IVDK has supported doctors and manufacturers in diagnostic clarification of incompatibility reactions to Personal care products, cosmetics and household products.

Tattoo Study

In the Tattoo Study , the IVDK records relevant exposures in the field of body art and provides assistance in the individual allergological diagnosis of patients with non-infectious intolerance reactions.

List of publications

Publikationen aus DKG, IVDK und ESSCA

Winalldat Net

WinAlldat Net Software Description Software Download: General information WinAlldat Net is an allergological documentation system with a focus on late-type allergies.

Cooperation partners

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KAB network

Research projects of the IVDK

AG Allergiediagnostik

The task force "Allergiediagnostik in der Metallbranche" (diagnosis of allergies in the metal industries) has been looking intensely into diagnosing allergies with respect to suspected contact allergies to cutting fluids.